Are you feeling stuck? I am familiar with that feeling and the struggles we often come across in different phases of our life. As a psychologist, as a mom, as a wife and as a friend I have experienced life challenges that have pushed me to create innovative ways to stay afloat (and survive!). I really enjoy working with clients who are ready to take a closer look at aspects of their lives to try to identify the things that are not working well and that perhaps need a shift or just to be tossed. The experience of feeling sad, worried, angry, and/or frustrated is just our body trying to tell us to come face to face with ourselves.

I am best at facilitating a process where you can listen to those signs and what they might be telling you, so you can reinvent healthier pathways to achieve a more balanced life. My clinical background focuses on the overall human experience and its difficulties. So if you are ready to get unstuck, need to shift gears or just need to keep up with the right life/work/school/family balance, I am your psychologist! I am Bilingual in English and Spanish with interests in working with motivated clients that are ready to make needed changes in their lives.

Postpartum Education

Postpartum depression comes in many shapes and sizes. Believed to be caused by hormonal changes after pregnancy, these variations of postpartum depression are more accurately described as postpartum mood disorders and range from mild to severe. According to an article from the American Pregnancy Association’s website, doctors have categorized the […]

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Do bad dreams and thoughts keep you from falling asleep? Usually the mind has a tendency to wander towards potential negative ideas and situations… Many find themselves thinking about how things can go wrong “As my children play in the driveway I begin to panic as they run in the […]

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Student’s Rights

Are you worried about your child’s school grades? Take an Active Role! Like many parents/caregivers you want the best for your child and it is natural to worry when your child is not doing very well in school. Most importantly, parents do not want to see their children struggle academically […]

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